16x20 "Magnetism"16x20 "Magnetism"


16x20 "Magnetism"
16×20 “Magnetism” Watercolor Pencil Drawing over antique book pages and acrylic paint

I’ve been hearing about the City Museum in St. Louis for years. It sounds amazing and it seems like half the people I meet have been there. It seems like a giant industrial sized curio cabinet that you can run through complete with a glass tunnel through the live shark tank, a 10 story slide and a bus cantilevered off the roof. Anyway, as an anniversary gift for a couple who were married at the Museum, I was commissioned to make a piece inspired by it. There is enough material in the museum for an artist to spend a lifetime on the subject (in fact the museum was created by an artist)  but I picked a few elements that are particularly striking and also commemorative of their wedding.  I find it hard to believe that I have never managed to visit the Museum but, without a doubt, I will see it the next time I am in St. Louis.